Solaria Solar Panels

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Traditional Solar Panels

The Solaria Difference

Not all solar panels are created equal. Solaria's solar panels are some of the highest quality, most efficient, and most aesthetic panels on the market. With a higher power output, you can produce more power with fewer panels. Featuring an all black, shingled design and a higher power output even when shaded, Solaria panels are an excellent choice for solar power.

See the Difference!

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Solaria Solar Panels


The best in power, performance, and aesthetic


  • 400W high power residential solar panel

  • Lightest solar panel per square foot

  • Pure Black™ technology

  • 20%+ efficiency

  • Enhanced shade performance

  • MLPE Compatible: Enphase: IQ7+ or IQ7A, SolarEdge: P400

  • Industry-leading 25-Year Power, Parts & Labor Warranty

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