Quiet Cool Advanced Whole House Fans

With a QuietCool advanced whole home fan, you can bring the clean outside air in.

Did you know that your home's air can be lower quality than the outside air? That is why keeping up the air circulation in your home is vital.

In just a few minutes, a QuietCool whole home fan will perform a complete air exchange of your home's indoor air and replace it with fresh, outdoor air.

QuietCool Whole Home Fans Help Remove

  • Viruses 

  • Bacteria 

  • Dust

  • Pet Dander

  • Smoke

  • Foul Odors

  • VOCs

  • Humidity


We are proud to be the only platinum rated QuietCool dealer in Arizona!

The CDC and AMA recommend the benefits of a QuietCool Whole Home Fan

     The CDC has recommended many things to prevent the spread of COVID-19. This list includes proper home air-ventilation.

     The AMA has reported that up to 1/3 of the national health bill is directly caused by indoor air pollution.

     A QuietCool Whole Home fan is the fastest and most efficient way to ventilate your home's air and to reduce indoor air pollution. A QuietCool Whole Home Fan can help keep you and your family safe from disease.

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Curious About Pricing?

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How Does it Work?

When you turn on your QuietCool Whole Home Fan, it will pull the cooler outdoor air into your home, through your windows, across your living spaces, into the attic, and out the attic vents. This cool outside air will replace the hot, stale air in your home as well as create a constant breeze going through your home. This helps cool your home and attic by up to 30˚F or more!


Why do you need a QuietCool Whole Home Fan?


 They are energy efficient! With electronically commutative motors, they use as little energy as a lightbulb to cool your home!


They are cost efficient! They cool your home for just pennies an hour! 


They have the fastest return on your investment of any green energy product! You'll see a return in about 2-3 years!


They improve your health! Indoor air quality is 2-5 times worse even in smoggy cities. QuietCool exhausts your home of indoor air pollutants.


They keep your home cooler longer! By dropping the core temperature of your home, they are able to keep your home cool into the afternoon.


They are truly quiet! They run at about the same noise level as an air conditioning unit.


They require no upkeep! Unlike other home cooling methods, QuietCool Whole Home fans require no maintenance.


They extend the life of your air conditioning unit! By keeping your home and attic cooler, your A.C. unit runs less often and less hard.

Thermal Mass Cooling

     A “cool mass” home does not get as hot or heat up as quickly as a “hot mass” home. Within a day or two of installing a QuietCool system, you will be amazed when you come home after work and your house will still be cool from the night before!

     This is because the mass of your home will be cooled by your QuietCool system and thus will not reheat as rapidly as it typically would.

     QuietCool is a revolutionary product that will allow you to save money by turning your A/C off and your QuietCool system on!


A "Hot Mass" Home


A "Cool Mass" Home

Have Some Doubts? Take it from Our Satisfied Customers!


I don't know whether you remember me or not you were here with your son... I went ahead and got the whole house fan installed and I just wanted to let you know that I am thrilled with it... In the past, I've tried to put a window fan in so that I could pull the cold air in at night. Nothing worked and I just wanted you to know that I am very happy. I haven't had to use the air conditioning so far this year... If you ever need anyone to speak to a very very pleased client, by all means, feel free to give them my number... Thank you again... I hope you have a good day and I appreciate all that you did for me...

Reviews have been edited for length and clarity

Chris D

We just installed 3 QuietCool Stealth Pro fans today… I honestly cannot say enough good things about this product, company and especially these two young men performing the work. This system was not cheap but I truly felt I got my money's worth in product performance and the OUTSTANDING and professional customer service… I have been a big fan and proponent to these quiet and efficient systems. Given the cool nights here, I can expect to get my money back quickly in not having to use my A/C to cool the house and it's furnishings. I turned the A/C off immediately once installed and already the house is cooler than with the A/C on. Thank you Jim for the great and fair pricing for this system and the fine young man you raised that installed it.  Kudos EEI for a great job done here!

A quick update the next morning.  My house was 67 degrees.. Yay!  All that stored heat is gone including my upstairs bonus room.  I can start the day with stored coolness and maybe not need the air at all. I couldn't be happier with this system.

Terry W

I had a Whole House Exhaust Fan installed in August and it  cut down by about 3 or 4 hours the time we had to start the ac in the morning. Saving money on our APS bill. It creates a comfortable breeze through the house in the evening and cools the core temperature through the night. I sized the unit up one size, making it more efficient and able to run on low or medium speed instead of on high after the startup clears the attic space of the days heat. Elan's installation crew was very professional, the install was neat and clean. I would recommend them for any more work needed.


I was so nervous about all of the horror stories I'd heard about the noise level of these types of fans, so I put off purchasing one until today. WOW! This is way quieter than my AC unit and I am so impressed with the level of quality, I will definitely be referring this fan to everyone I know, with NO hesitation. My installer was amazing, he was clean, efficient and very friendly. If and when I move again, I will definitely be purchasing this unit if one is not already in the home. Great job, great technology, keep up the good work. KUDOS!