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What are GFCI circuits?

Water and electricity do not mix. If water enters a receptacle, one's risk of shock is greatly increased. Water entering a receptacle may seem like an unlikely event, but, think about the last time you prepared a big meal. It is likely that from beginning to end, the kitchen sink was a vital aspect of the preparation. Between hand washing, rinsing vegetables, boiling water, and washing the dishes when all was said and done, water was a heavy part of the process. Did all of the water stay in the sink? Odds are, water flew all around the sink and you had to wipe down the counter/walls afterward. If water can reach a wall, it can also reach a receptacle. This is why GFCI circuits are a vital aspect of electrical systems. Any receptacle that is placed near a water source (e.g. near a sink or shower) must be GFCI protected. These circuits automatically turn off when water enters the receptacle. This is critical in order to avoid the risk of shock.

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