• Meghan J

How a Quiet Cool Fan can help you stay safe from COVID-19

While we are all following CDC guidelines and are at home more than ever, we have to be keeping our homes cleaner than they ever have been in an effort to keep ourselves and our families safe from the Coronavirus. While we focus on keeping common surfaces sanitized, we should also be focusing on indoor air quality. Research by Johns Hopkins has shown that home air ventilation is more effective for the prevention of COVID-19 than hand washing. While we don't recommend stopping the practice of handwashing or the sanitizing of commonly touched surfaces, we do recommend showing more attention to air ventilation and indoor air quality.

The Quiet Cool Whole Home Fan is the fastest and most efficient way to exhaust your home of air pollutants. In just a few minutes, the Quiet Cool will perform a complete air exchange of your home's indoor air and replace it with fresh, outdoor air. That means in 3-5 minutes your home will be exhausted of most pathogens, viruses, and bacteria, along with other common air pollutants such as pet dander. Plus, its use is backed by the CDC, EPA, and the American Lung Association.

Right now, Quiet Cool is offering a $300 manufacturer's rebate on all whole home fans. As Arizona's only Platinum Rated Quiet Cool dealer, we are happy to answer any questions you may have about the Quiet Cool Whole Home Fan. Give us a call at 928-925-7937.

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