Panasonic Solar Panels

The Panasonic Advantage

 Panasonic solar panels are some of the most powerful, most efficient, and most durable panels on the market. Read on to learn why these panels are an excellent option for those looking to go solar.

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High Temperature Coefficient

When the temperature of solar panels rises over 77 degrees, they start losing power output and degrade. This is why it's important to look at the temperature coefficient of solar panels. When a panel has a high-temperature coefficient, it has a low power output, and vice-versa. Panasonic panels have a low-temperature coefficient and maintain a higher performance even at high temperatures. Panasonic panels perform 13% better than conventional panels on hot sunny days and generate up to 31% more electricity per year.

Panasonic panels also undergo regular standardized tests along with 20 additional tests, guaranteeing their reliability!

These panels also have a low degradation rate with a 97.6% power output after 25 years. That's less than 10% degradation over 2 decades so you can produce more electricity and save more money over the years!


AllGuard and TripleGuard Warranty

As Panasonic's only authorized dealer in northern Arizona, Panasonic will warranty your panels and racking for performance, product, parts, and labor for 25 years.

Increased Power Output

The special design of Panasonic panels increases their power output. These panels are made of silicon heterojunction technology which reduces the electron carrier loss and increases the power output. Between this, their pyramid design, and special water drainage system, they are able to absorb more sunlight and produce more power. In fact, Panasoic panels produce 36% more power than traditional solar panels!

EverVolt™ Black Series Module


  • Higher module efficiency allows maximum power production with less roof space

  • Industry-leading 0.26%/°C temperature coefficient produces higher output at high temperatures

  • AllGuard and TripleGuard 25-year warranty covers performance, product, parts and labor for lasting value

  • Half-cut cells with heterojunction technology maximizes sunlight conversion and energy yield

  • Durability backed by 40+ years of solar innovation, experience, and rigorous testing

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