Stealth 6.8 Whole House Fan

Concerned about pollen? Call us, with Pollentec screens your window screens filter out pollens and other allergens that aggravate peoples allergies.

We have a variety of models to meet your needs including our Garage fan which rapidly cools and exhausts the air in your garage and attic.

Whenever one of my kids used to sneeze, I would cringe… sharing a home means sharing the sniffles and there is nothing worse than having one kid fall sick after the other. My husband initially suggested QuietCool whole house ventilation fans so that we could actually enjoy summer instead of suffering from the heat. I had no idea it would actually help keep my family healthier! Whole house fans do such an efficient job of keeping the air inside our home fresh, cool and clean that all those nasty viruses and germs are swept outside before they have a chance to infect other members of the family. It’s fabulous!

Save up to 90% on your A.C. Bill!

With a QuietCool advanced whole home fan you can quickly cool the air in your home.  Simply open 2 windows in your home in the evening and turn the QuietCool whole home fan on.  In roughly 3 minutes the hot stale air in your home has been replaced with cool fresh outside air.  Not only is your home cool, but your attic is also exhausting 100 degree plus air outside at the same time.  By morning the core of your home is cool, not just the ambient air.  This means that by afternoon the house will be roughly 15 degrees cooler than a home that relied on open air windows to cool their home at night.  All of this is attained by a whole home fan that uses as little as 60 watts/.5 amps rather than the typical 40-50 amps that air conditioners use.

QuietCool advanced whole home fans advantages:

15 year warranty (the longest in the industry)

Quietest whole home fans on the market (quieter than typical air conditioning systems)

#1 fastest return on investment of any energy saving technologies

ECM motor option (QuietCool offers brushless motors for even greater energy savings)

Stealth 4.8 Whole House Fan installed

Garage Fan

I was so nervous about all of the horror stories I'd heard about the noise level of these types of fans, so I put off purchasing one until today. WOW! This is way quieter than my AC unit and I am so impressed with the level of quality, I will definitely be referring this fan to everyone I know, with NO hesitation. My installer was amazing, he was clean, effecient and very friendly. If and when I move again, I will definitely be purchasing this unit if one is not already in the home. Great job, great technology, keep up the good work. KUDOS!

Exhaust your Home of Foul Odors
With QuietCool, exhaust your home of cooking, pet and other odors. This will allow you to enjoy a healthier, odor free environment.
The American Lung Association says cat dander will stay airborne for 10 hours and viruses will stay airborne for 10 days.

Ventilate your Entire Home
The QuietCool whole house fan system exchanges the entire volume of air inside your home 15-20 times per hour. This will allow you to breathe fresh air continually; control mold & mildew; and reduce airborne sickness.
The Environmental Protection Agency reports that indoor air pollution may be 2-5 times more polluted than outdoor air, even in major metropolitan smoggy cities.

We have had Quiet Cool fans in our house for almost 10 years. The fans that we purchased had a 10 year warranty. One of the fans had an intermentint problem. I emailed the manufacturer and received a prompt reply. I dealt with a very friendly representative who stood behind there product and without any hassle at all arranged an exchange for a new fan. I highly recommend their product. We use them almost daily and thoroughly enjoy them. It is also nice to deal with a company who stands behind there product and has good customer service.

QuietCool Testimonials

My wife used to smoke, but kicked the habit. I on the other hand still light up occasionally and it used to pose a serious problem until we rigged our house up with QuietCool System whole house fans. These ventilation fans keep the house really nice and cool – even when it’s boiling hot outside – and they also replace the air inside the house every few minutes or so. As a result, I’m able to enjoy my occasional cigarette in the comfort of my study without anyone else in the house being bothered by it.

The focus in my home has been to optimize the way we do things. With this as our purpose, we’ve implemented water recirculation pumps; we’ve upgraded our windows; and we’ve installed energy-efficient appliances and intelligent heating and cooling systems. One inclusion, independent of all of this, has made a considerable difference: our QuietCool QC CL-4700 whole house fan.
The comfort it has afforded us is exceptional. We religiously use it in the evening hours and throughout the night. When we turn it off in the morning, the entire house is fresh and cool. Now we rarely use our conventional cooling system, there’s no reason we can think of—particularly in the face of 37 cent/kWh utility costs for our air conditioner. By comparison, our QC CL-4700 fan costs us pennies to run. In short, this is a great product. The only thing more refreshing is the customer service we’ve experienced from the company itself. If you’re reading this in anticipation of purchasing one, you’ll soon see what I mean.

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If you are tired of paying through the nose to keep your house cool, then you should seriously think about checking out QuietCool Systems and their array of ventilation fans. Initially, I was skeptical about investing in the technology and while I was happy enough with the job my A/C was doing, I wasn’t so happy about my annual electricity bills. Well, QuietCool’s whole house attic fans run on 10% of the electricity that A/C does, which translates into huge annual savings: enough for the entire system to pay for itself! It’s incredibly efficient and I get a steady feed of fresh air in my home. I couldn’t be happier with my choice of whole house fans.

Cools your Entire Home
The QuietCool whole house fan system cools the entire house by up to 30 degrees and the attic by up to 50 degrees. The system will make you feel 10 degrees cooler instantly.
The Department of Energy (DOE) reports that whole house fans are the most cost-efficient way to cool your home.